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Based on the square in downtown Hallettsville, TX, Solutions is your place for goal setting, ideas, help, accountability, and organizational services.

Meet Anne Walker: 

Anne is a certified Personal Trainer with over 10 years experience working with clients all over the great state of Texas. Having moved to Hallettsville in 2017, Anne has been offering her services one on one in a much more personal and down-to-earth manner that fits the scene. She has been known to use cans of tomatoes or cinder blocks instead of standard weights. Fitness starts at home not with fancy expensive equipment.

Having trouble with some pesky habits that seem to hold you back from precious goals? Accountability Coaching might be for you with or without the fitness aspect.

Anne is also a Food Guru. We’re not talking diets here. We are talking about delicious foods that also happen to bring balance to your insides. Normal every day eating for normal every day people. What is in your refrigerator, your pantry? Anne can broaden your knowledge to help you choose tasty healthy foods that fit your lifestyle.

Meet Abby Green: 

Abby has been an In-Home-Organizer for over 15 years. She organizes everything from Uncle Willie’s socks to Pop’s collection of antique nails, from Grandma’s quilts to Sister Lola’s rat infested barn. She has helped purge whole homes for garage sale and donation. She has ongoing clients who simply don’t want to waste their own time putting things away. No job is too weird, big, small, mundane, or chaotic. Abby’s approach is kind, not shameful. She is there to help you live a lighter life with less clutter.

Abby also scans photos and documents. She carefully scans old photographs that will otherwise fade away. She maintains receipt files for some clients scanning those receipts for use at tax time. 

Neither Anne nor Abby will be able to solve ALL of your problems.  Whether with us or with a fellow locally owned business in our vibrant Hallettsville community, our goal is to help you find life long SOLUTIONS for your mind, body, and home.

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