Top ten signs that you need me:

10. You don’t even know where to start.

9. You’ve been staring at this mess for years.

8. You know you’ll feel better when this project is done, but… see 9.

7. You’d love to be actually using this space.

6. You have better things to do.

5. If you hear one more complaint about this mess, you’ll scream.

4. You’re moving and there just isn’t any more time.

3. Company is coming… and you can’t get to the guest bed.

2. You have things in your pantry dated 1982.

1. You just can’t.

Now that you know you need my help, I am totally here for you. Here are a few things I do that might be helpful to you!

Install shelving, rearrange furniture.

Purge garages, closets, cabinets.

Sort children's clothing.

Design and make curtains and cabinet covers.

Haul enormous amounts of stuff to local charities.

Sort an estate for garage sale, move, and the sell of the home.  

Organize an entire home from completely over stuffed to open spaces with room to spare.  

Create spreadsheets to record and organize receipts and other financial records.  

Organize a room full of crafting goodies.

Help unpack boxes in a new home.

Create a budget utilizing past expenses.

Scan an entire filing system creating an all-digital PDF filing system.  No more filing cabinets!!

File stacks and stacks and stacks of papers.

Execute a small business annual mail-out.

Create a scheduling format and professional forms for small business.

Run errands that will help you maintain a peaceful well-run home (anything from grocery shopping to picking up a bookshelf you bought).

I schedule three hour blocks of time for $125. During that time, we get things done faster and better than you ever imagined! I can’t promise you’ll have fun, but you’ll be glad you called.

Contact me to get started!

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