Paper does not last forever.  I've known of people who stored paperwork and books only to return a year later to bug and rat eaten pages, water damage, and someone even told me they had a box of books literally turn to dust.  Here are a few ideas and services that I offer.  Bring or mail them to me and I can scan your items in my office.

* Scan documents that you have to keep but don't plan to actually need or use (like IRS tax documents).

* Scan files that you may wish to revisit, but don't need the bulk of paper.

* Scan files to create a usable sharable library. (Music or learning handouts are a good example)

* Scan photographs.  Old photographs will continue to disintegrate.  Preserve them before it's too late.

* Scan slides and negatives before they are faded and scratched.

* Create Excel spreadsheets to organize numbers or the usable library you scanned above.

* There are sharable documents online that can allow multiple users access to spreadsheets like Excel.

* Save the documents and photos to discs or hard drives.

* Archive things to an FTP server for safe keeping.

* Share files by designing a website that makes the files accessible.

* Finally, recycle all of that paper!!!

Photos up to 8X10 are scanned at 19 cents each (600 dpi)

Documents up to 8X10 are scanned for 10 cents per scan (300 dpi)

Negatives and slides are 40 cents each (4800 dpi).  Basic color correction is included.

I am happy to pick up and drop off your order if you are in a city I visit.  There is no charge if your total is at least $50.  If you do not meet that minimum, there is a $10 pick up/drop off fee.  You may ship your materials to me.  I will return them to you by mail at your expense or I can just mail your scans and dispose of the originals.

All scans are saved to discs free of charge and given to you in person with your materials or I can mail the disc(s) at your expense.  You may supply an external drive and I will save the scans to that for you for free.  

All scans are saved in folders per the way you organized them - if you separated them, I will be sure to label them the same way.  I can save each scan with names or labels with as many characters as a computer allows (not too long!)

I back up your scans on my own hard drives.  If you ever lose your copies, contact me, and I can send you copies for the cost of discs and postage.  

© Anne Walker & Abby Green 2018